Ron Cohee’s Art For The Haunted Mansions 40th Anniversary Pins


Well, I’d rather see you dead, little girl
Than to be with another man
You better keep your head, little girl
Or you won’t know where I am

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand, little girl
Catch you with another man
That’s the end, little girl

Welp, the Beatles inspired a PM sketch (which I’ve been severely lacking in my postings lately). Makes perfect sense to me.

It just matches up so wellllll. Seriously, go listen.

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Murals inside Hotel MiraCosta depicting the themed lands of Tokyo Disneysea by lokifan123

Haunted Mansion headers from the Disney Parks Blog, celebrating the season.



Disney Parks: Haunted Mansion:)

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Anonymous said: How did you learn to draw almost like Disney style? I loooooooove when you draw the heart beating brides! Did you take some special art classes? Or do you *gasp* work or study in Disney?

Oooh, you’re too much! Thank you!

I didn’t take any special art classes outside of the high school courses, most of my abilities can be considered self-taught. I spent lots n’ lots of time drawing at home and part of what I did was apply techniques from other artists I liked, which did indeed include Disney (I would also sometimes use stills from the films as references). Heh, I don’t work for them, but thank you again for the sentiment!

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Ive been waiting for this to be gifed for forever!